Wandrer Helper – release notes - version 1.51


The app is designed to show roads that you have not yet cycled, and to follow your location so that those roads can be covered. It needs no registration so we will not know who you are where it is used, other than detailed below.


The Application will collect location information automatically and store it in your device.  Each time the Application is started, one location (and one only) will be sent to our server in order that we can gather information about the geographical areas that the Application is being used in.  We will not share your current location with other users or any other parties.


The app requires permissions for location and for storage of files. File storage is used to save a record of locations that you have cycled (one every 5 seconds) and this data can be re-loaded each time the app is started.


KML (KMZ) overlays can be downloaded from the wandrer.earth ‘big map’ https://wandrer.earth/dashboard/map and installed into the download folder of your device. Currently, the size of these is limited by wandrer.earth so you will need to zoom in to a small area to enable showing of ‘unridden roads’ – this is essential for the Wandrer Helper app to function. After downloading, we recommend that you rename the KMZ files to show the name of the area that you have chosen.


Other than standard map zooming and panning, there are only two controls: lower right-hand button will switch between centring the map automatically, or not centring it. The upper right-hand  menu button is used to choose which overlay file(s) to use. Files can be shown, hidden, renamed or deleted (last 2 functions only available in Android 10 devices at present).


You should be able to open the app from a downloaded .kmz file from Wandrer.Earth – the map will show your overlay file (roads you still need to ride) but you may need to re-centre the area. When loading an overlay from the menu, the map should centre on the overlay region unless automatic centring on current location is enabled.


Please note that although the app stores your location data in an internal database, there is currently no method of getting that data out of your device. So you will still need to run Strava (or whatever tracking app you use) to get your data onto Wandrer.earth. In a  future release, I may be able to add the creation of a GPX file suitable for Strava.


Please report any problems to chriswandrer@gmail.com : this email address has been set up specifically for the Wandrer Helper trial.


Have fun – stay safe on the roads.