A ‘full-size’ Meccano Bike

A bit small for me, but 26″ tyres anyway. No brakes but working sprockets and chain. All genuine Meccano except for 6mm ball bearings and M4 long bolts (and nuts & washers to fit). And the tyres of course.

The finished bike, residing in the garden
One of the completed wheels. Spoe tension is adjusted with bolts (almost like the real thing!)
Bottom bracket bearing, ready for cranks The balls are not Meccano parts, which are too big.
One of the most difficult sections to design and assemble – the headset
Pedals, cranks and chainwheel. I ran out of fishplates for the chain, and had to ‘import’ m4 bolts rather than buy loads of Meccano ones long enough.
The finished frame and forks. Note teh extra support in front of the forks, it was impossible (for me, anyway) to mae teh forks rigig enough without.
Saddle underside: it’s slightly flexible, as it should be!
Rear ‘sprocket;, using threaded pins to engage with the chain
Oops! what happens when the inner tubes are pumped up too much!