Triumph Herald

A one-eight (approx) scale model of my first car. Colour scheme and number plates are correct!

My car had a sun roof so the Meccano version had to have one too. One of the (very) few non-Meccano parts used.
Under the bonnet. I did have a tiny electric moor housed inside the ‘engine’ , not big enough to drive the car but OK to turn the wheels if supported off the surface. Battery needs rebuilding with six cells in series somehow.
Rear of chassis, based on the actual plans for the real thing. The chassis was built 3 years before the body. Then I had to move the rear wheels forward because original dimensions had the wheelbase too long.  
More chassis details.. The chassis was largely copied from Roland Jaggard’s model (viewable on which was in turn based on a photo in a 1959 MM. Roland didn’t build a grille, bonnet or main body though.  
Front grille etc. The colour scheme was a common one for Triumph Heralds and matched the car I actually had (in 1973, a 21st birthday present!). Now I can see, from the photo, that the triangular plates around the wheel arch need adjusting. 
Body section separated from the chassis. It’s much too heavy! In fact the complete model , scaled up in 3 dimensions, weighs more than the original. So the suspension is suffering somewhat. Behind is the box from the Airfix model which helped the scaling.  
Rear view of body section before mounting on chassis. Rear wings need adjusting. The boot opens, but nothing inside as yet. The number plate is the same as the car I actually had in 1973-76. Dare I say what the tail-lights are made of?  
Exploring the great outdoors. No rear seat, sorry. There isn’t a big gap in front of the door; but the bonnet is raise dup a little in this photo (Herald bonnets, unusually, hinged from the front)